Essentials of Maternity Newborn 3rd Edition Ricci Test Bank

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Essentials of Maternity Newborn 3rd Edition Ricci

ISBN-13: 978-1608318018  ISBN-10: 160831801X


Essentials of Maternity Newborn 3rd Edition Ricci

ISBN-13: 978-1608318018  ISBN-10: 160831801X


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Below you will find some free nursing test bank questions from this test bank:

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1. The nurse would refer a client, age 54, for follow-up for suspected endometrial carcinoma if she reports which of the following?
  A) Use of oral contraceptives between ages 18 and 25
  B) Onset of painless, red postmenopausal bleeding
  C) Menopause occurring at age 46
  D) Use of intrauterine device for 3 years



2. Which of the following instructions would the nurse include when preparing a woman for a Pap smear?
  A) “Refrain from sexual intercourse for 1 week before the test.”
  B) “Wear cotton panties on the day of the test.”
  C) “Avoid taking any medications for 24 hours.”
  D) “Do not douche for 48 hours before the test.”



3. A woman comes to the clinic for a routine checkup. A history of exposure to which of the following would alert the nurse that she is at increased risk for cervical cancer?
  A) Hepatitis
  B) Human papillomavirus
  C) Cytomegalovirus
  D) Epstein-Barr virus



4. A client is scheduled to have a Pap smear. After the nurse teaches the client about the Pap smear, which of the following client statements indicates successful teaching?
  A) “I need to douche the night before with a mild vinegar solution.”
  B) “I will take a bath first thing that morning to make sure I’m clean.”
  C) “I will not engage in sexual intercourse for 48 hours before the test.”
  D) “I will get a clean urine specimen when I first wake up the morning of the test.”



5. Which finding obtained during a client history would the nurse identify as increasing a client’s risk for ovarian cancer?
  A) Multiple sexual partners
  B) Consumption of a high-fat diet
  C) Underweight
  D) Grand multiparity (more than five children)