Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition Marieb Hoehn Instructors Manual

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Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition Marieb Hoehn Instructors Manual

ISBN-13: 978-0132197991

ISBN-10: 0132197995




Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition Marieb Hoehn Instructors Manual

ISBN-13: 978-0132197991

ISBN-10: 0132197995




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Below you will find some free nursing test bank questions from this test bank:

A small sample:

The Human Body: An Orientation

Lecture and Demonstration


1. Define anatomy and physiology, and describe the subdisciplines of anatomy.

2. Use the meaning of word roots to aid in understanding anatomical terminology.

3. Identify the levels of structural organization in the human body, and explain the interrela- tionships between each level.
4. List the organ systems of the body, and briefly state the functions.

5. Use metric units to quantify the dimensions of cells, tissues, and organs.

6. Define anatomical position.

7. Use anatomical terminology to describe body directions, regions, and planes.

8. Describe the basic structures that humans share with other vertebrates.

9. Locate the major body cavities and their subdivisions.

10. Name the four quadrants of the abdomen, and identify the visceral organs located within each quadrant.
11. Explain how human tissue is prepared and examined for its microscopic structure.

12. Distinguish tissues viewed by light microscopy from those viewed by electron microscopy.
13. Describe the medical imaging techniques that are used to visualize structures inside the body.

Suggested Lecture Outline

I. An Overview of Anatomy (pp. 2–6)

A. Subdisciplines of Anatomy (p. 2)
1. Gross anatomy studies the human body structures with the naked eye, and dissection is the major technique. In systemic anatomy, organs with related functions are studied together. Professional schools study anatomy by the regional approach: All organs and structures in a single region are studied as a group. The third subdivision is surface anatomy, which studies the landmarks on the surface of the body that reveal underly- ing organs.
2. Microscopic anatomy (also called histology) uses the microscope to study specially prepared tissue slides.
3. Developmental anatomy explores how body structures form, grow, and mature throughout their life span.