The Developing Person Through the Life Span 9th Edition Berger Test Bank

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The Developing Person Through the Life Span 9th Edition Berger Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-1464139796

ISBN-10: 1464139792




The Developing Person Through the Life Span 9th Edition Berger Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-1464139796

ISBN-10: 1464139792




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Below you will find some free nursing test bank questions from this test bank:

1. The period of life during which 18- to 25-year-old men and women continue their education and exploration, often postponing marriage, parenthood, and career, is called _____.



2. The optimal years in a person’s life for reproduction, and hard and physical work are between the ages of 18 and _____.



3. During emerging adulthood, males gain more arm muscle and females gain more _____.



4. In one large study, over 96 percent of emerging adults rated their _____ as good, very good, or excellent.



5. During emerging adulthood, the _____ system is strong, fighting off everything from the sniffles to cancer.



6. The average _____ heart rate declines as the organ reserve is reduced, beginning at about age 25.



7. Over the years, _____ becomes more crucial. For example, if a person overeats or starves day after day, the body adjusts, but that continual adjustment itself takes a toll on health, possibly impairing long-term health.



8. Young adults are most likely to stay healthy when they choose friends and communities that support staying _____.



9. Emerging adults delaying the onset of motherhood has led to a dramatic reduction in the _____.



10. The best way to prevent STIs is lifelong _____.



11. _____ fuels every contagious disease, including sexually transmitted infections.



12. Young adults are the prime _____ for sexually transmitted infections, spreading disease globally.



13. Romantic breakups may lead to _____, especially among adolescents and emerging adults.



14. Although most emerging adults enjoy good physical health, _____ disorders are likely to be diagnosed during early adulthood.



15. College counselors report a(n) _____ in the number of students with serious psychological problems.



16. Age and _____ vulnerability shape the symptoms of anxiety disorders.



17. Accidents, homicides, and _____ are the three leading causes of death among people aged 15 to 25.



18. The low rate of serious disease between ages 18 and 25 is counterbalanced by a high rate of _____, especially among young males.



19. Motocross and other such forms of recreation that include the risk of injury or death are called _____ sports.



20. _____ is defined as ingesting a drug that impairs the user’s biological or psychological well-being.



21. Most young adults use _____ to reduce social anxiety—a problem for many emerging adults as they enter college, start a new job, speak to strangers, or embark on a romance.



22. Not only are contemporary emerging adults immersed in social settings where risk-takers are admired, they also tend to notice the risk-takers due to the _____.



23. Emerging adults are influenced by perceived _____, including not only how much people drink but also what the negative consequences might be.




Answer Key


1. emerging adulthood
2. 25
3. fat
4. health
5. immune
6. maximum
7. allostasis
8. active
9. birth rate
10. monogamy
11. Globalization
12. vectors
13. depression
14. psychological (mental illness)
15. increase
16. genetic
17. suicides
18. accidents
19. extreme
20. Drug abuse
21. alcohol
22. availability error
23. norms